Sally McDonald

Residential real estate became a fascination of mine from the time I purchased my first home many years ago. Although excited at that time to become a new home owner, I felt overwhelmed by all the details and the mechanics of the transaction, and I have never forgotten how much I appreciated the guidance of my buyer’s agent through that purchase. We have remained friends for over 20 years as a result.

A career in real estate combines my own love for real estate with my desire to help people. Having worked in healthcare for nearly 30 years, I have always enjoyed helping people any way I am able.

I am able to explain things that seem complicated in very understandable terms; the more you understand as a buyer or seller, the more comfortable you will feel in the deal.

If you are a home buyer, I am available to help you find a home that will become the home of your dreams. If you are a home seller, I will help you get the best deal when you are ready to relocate.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

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