Very knowledgeable, honest and personable

I am writing you about my experience that my wife, daughter and I had when purchasing a condo in Chicago. My daughter has decided to live in Chicago to further her career. Her rent was high so we decided to help her purchase a residence. I told her to check out some places and she chose Best Chicago Properties to help.

Tony Campise helped by finding condos that fit the criteria. I was a little apprehensive about realtors in Chicago and being able to trust them. Tony was more than willing to help us. Tony is very knowledgeable, honest and personable. I became very comfortable with him.

Tony did an excellent job explaining the process in Chicago and other fees that we would accrue. I feel very fortunate that Krista found him. We appreciate everything that he did for us from the selecting, placing a bid, the purchase and closing. It was a pleasure working with Tony and I  certainly recommend him to anyone who needs a realtor in the Chicago area.

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