Unprecedented customer service, work ethic, expertise

“This is a review for Chuck Gullett with Best Chicago Properties. I am a mortgage consultant who has worked with several of Chuck’s clients over the years. Literally every single one of them has commented on his unprecedented customer service, work ethic, expertise and everything else you’d hope for when seeking counsel in regards to the home buying process. However I am a numbers person and the reason I’m posting this is that many of his clients have decided to refinance to take advantage of the rates and I’ve been blown away by their appraised values. Even in the worst housing market of our lifetime the values on properties that Chuck helped buy are coming back at or even higher than the purchase price 6 months, a year or even 2+ years ago. To me the kind words (and accurately so) for Chuck are great but here is actual proof that Chuck goes above and beyond to get his clients the best deal possible.” – Adam S.

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