Wicker Park Trends

This Wicker Park real estate market report provides the most current trends and statistics – the ideal resource for developing a Wicker Park real estate forecast.

We know you’re probably not an economist and therefore likely don’t love the idea of wading through a wordy thesis. Nor do you want to endure a lot of spin.

So here we just provide exactly what you need to see the trends and forecast for yourself.

Namely, five charts to help you quickly visualize current Wicker Park real estate trends over the past three years with the average:

  • Sale price
  • Price per square foot
  • Percent of original price
  • Market time
  • Number of listings on the market

Visualizing these trends can help you determine the direction of the market, forecast the future and inform your decisions.

For example, if you’re considering selling your home, these trends can be especially helpful to understand when making your pricing decisions.

Of if you’re mulling over buying in the neighborhood, here you can check the price per square foot in Wicker Park vs. other areas to determine how it compares. Plus much more.

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This Wicker Park real estate market report offers the very latest Chicago Wicker Park real estate trends. It’s brought to you by Best Chicago Properties. We are a local residential real estate brokerage with over 15 years experience helping clients buy, sell and rent in Wicker Park. Learn more about the Wicker Park and view current listings.