Streeterville Real Estate Market Report

Welcome to the Streeterville real estate market report, your best resource for understanding current Streeterville trends and Streeterville sales stats. These trends and statistics are expressed in clear charts. For example, these charts show the average sale price, average market time, number of listings on the market and the average percent of original price. All specifically for Streeterville condos sold within the twelve months.

These charts are updated monthly by the Chicago MLS. So you always have the latest information. We think it can be quite advantageous to view the latest trends in the neighborhood. Especially the sales statistics and general trends. They can assist you in understanding the direction of the market. In addition, they can and inform your pricing decisions. For example, if you’re considering selling your condo, the market trends can be especially helpful when setting the asking price. We hope these charts are helpful to you. Another helpful resource is to browse the latest neighborhood listings. To do so, just click below!

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Please note: The data is updated in real time so as to show you the most current information. It may take a moment to load.