winter move to Chicago

Move To Chicago During Winter?

Why A Winter Move To Chicago Might Actually Be A Good Idea

Your friends say your crazy for it but you’ve made the decision to move to Chicago during winter. We say, great choice!

Chicago is a city steeped in history with plenty to do and see. Spend your weekends floating down the river, or perhaps on our famous architecture tour. Step into any number of our world-famous restaurants (or a delicious mom-and-pop joint) for a meal you’ll talk about for years to come. For athletes, there’s a ton of leagues ranging from football to volleyball to softball…

winter move to Chicago

A snowy winter evening in Streeterville. (photo by Emily Rutledge)

Wait, did you say you’re planning to move to Chicago during winter?

Well, with a winter move to Chicago you will need to wait a while for some of those intramural leagues, but the food’s still around. Plus, there’s few things in life as satisfying as drinking a hot chocolate and watching the snow fall.

And if you’re looking for a romantic evening, simply find your way to Millennium Park for some relaxing ice skating. I could go on, but there are simply too many reasons to move to Chicago during winter.

The point is, don’t let anyone overwhelm you with feelings of fear about a winter move to Chicago. Yes, Chicago winters can be tough, but they’re totally doable and quite bonding to see everyone going through it together.

In fact, Chicago winters provide their own unique set of advantages. So if you’re planning on making the Windy City home, keep reading.

The 3 Best Reasons To Move To Chicago In Winter

1. Winter move to Chicago – means a good deal on movers.

And maybe your rental too. Chicago is bear-like in more than just its football. Our energy and tempo closely mirror our seasons. So while things don’t completely stop in winter, they certainly slow down. Real estate, nightlife, construction, sports: everything moves at a reduced pace. So one of the best reasons to move to Chicago during winter is it’ll be good for your pocketbook.

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Movers are of course businesses and so they want to keep their teams working through the less-desirable months. With a lower client pool an reduced options for work during the cold Chicago winter, moving companies are more likely to work with you on meeting your budget to secure your business. Don’t be shy about shopping around and asking for what you want.

As an added bonus, you may be able to secure the same type of deal on a lease. Since most people don’t see the best reasons to move to Chicago during winter, many don’t realize it’s often a great time to negotiate a cheaper lease. [Renter Pro-tip: try for added leverage by offering a longer lease period, like 14-15 months. This way your landlord gets the unit rented in the winter and gets it back in the spring.]

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2. Winter move to Chicago – it’ll be a bonding experience.

If you’re a tough-as-nails go-getter who don’t need no stinking movers, one of the best reasons for a winter move to Chicago is the experience you’ll share and story you can tell.

Chances are that, without movers, you’ll be enlisting the help of friends or family. Moving in winter means your motley crew will be dressed in your finest North Face, gingerly stepping through snow, and engaging in impromptu snowball fights.

The combination of cool weather and snowy conditions means you and your team will stay cool, happy, and alert as you carry your favorite piece from the truck to your new living room.

Then you can enjoy hot chocolate together. Did we mention the hot chocolate yet?

But you’re not just bonding with the people you know, you’re creating a lasting bond with all the people you’ve yet to meet.

See, Chicagoans have a bizarre relationship with their winters: they bemoan their coming, complain their presence, and then spend the rest of the year talking about it. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say you’re not a true Chicagoan until you’ve hunch-walked through your first “too cold to even snow” day. (Yes, it’s a thing.)

So come your first day at the office, you’ll be able to jump right in with the lifelong winter warriors with your own stories from the front. You may even impress a few, if your moving story is moving enough.

3. Move to Chicago during winter – you can likely negotiate a better home purchase price.

Though winter has its own advantages when it comes to selling a home, the reality is that unless they’re in no rush, buyers have all the leverage. Winter listings tend to be more rushed than their other seasonal counterparts. Job transfers, inherited property, and other reasons can make a seller quite motivated to sell their property. Here’s more on The Best Time To Sell Your Chicago Home.

By far the best reason for a winter move to Chicago, if you’re looking to purchase a home, is the negotiating leverage you’ll have. Between a lack of inventory and an overall lessened pool of buyers, you can be certain a particular owner isn’t necessarily fighting off potential buyers. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to experience your new home in the harshest weather conditions the city has to offer. Ready to find your Chicago dream home? Explore all the latest Chicago listings.

Take the time to walk each room of the house, condo, loft or townhouse, feel for any drafts or cold spots, and make sure your home provides the level of warmth and coziness you need. You may not be able to test the AC during the winter, but the furnace will definitely get a workout.

So these are some of the best reasons to move to Chicago during winter. We hope you’re feeling better about your winter move to Chicago. If so, then now you need to find the best Realtor to help you get started. Contact us! We’ll make your winter move to Chicago the best!