Best Reasons To Buy A Chicago House In Winter

Buy a Chicago house in winter? Really? Why yes of course! Just because the weather is freezing doesn’t mean your home search needs to be frozen too.

So, here are the three best reasons to put down that remote, get off the couch, put on your parka, scarf and wool hat and get out there and buy your Chicago dream home.

The 3 Best Reasons To Buy A Chicago House In Winter

1. Mortgage rates are lower this winter

It’s 2020 and the 30 year fixed home mortgage rate is floating around 3.5%. About a half point lower than this time last year. Get while the gettin’ is good. That’s the first really good reason to get out there and buy your home or condo this winter.

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2. In winter you’ll have a clearer picture of a home’s quality

One of the best reasons to buy a Chicago house in winter is you’ll see how your future home or condo will hold up during some of the toughest weather this city will throw at it.

See problems that only reveal themselves when it’s freezing outside

Even before you set foot into the home or condo, without foliage you’ll be able to clearly see the condition of the facade, entrance, deck, terrace, porch, gutters, garage and more.

And take the guesswork out of your future home’s constitution. Test your future furnace. Run your hand across window and door seams. Brrr. Do you feel a cold breeze inside? Investigate!

Account for things winter doesn’t let you test

On the flip side, you’ll need to account for the things that winter doesn’t let you test.

Does the air conditioner work properly? How much wear and tear is on that snow covered roof?

Ask for proof as to the work that’s been done on the home or condo over the years.

Alternatively, make sure your seller holds some money in escrow to deal with any issues that you can’t properly inspect until the warmer months.

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3. Buy a Chicago house in winter = more buying power

As a winter buyer, there are a few factors working in your favor to ensure you’re able to negotiate the best deal.


Sellers who list in the winter often do so because they really NEED to sell and do not have the luxury of waiting until spring.

They are often quite ready to pull the trigger and get the house sold. As a result, sellers will often list their homes priced to sell in an effort to avoid needlessly lengthy negotiations.

Fewer buyers in the (frozen) pool

Sellers know many people just aren’t house-hunting during the coldest months of the year. And they also know that those who are tend to be the more serious and hardy buyers.

Thus many sellers will be willing to concede on price, terms, or concessions in order to close the deal with that rare bird. A strong, reliable winter buyer.

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