Esther – West Loop Condo Seller

This is a much overdo review. Chuck Gullet helped us sell our condo back in June of last year. I feel obligated to other searchers and Best Chicago Properties to write this because it’s because of Yelp I found him and we’re so glad we did! I interviewed 3-4 realtors during our search and no one seemed as confident and reasonable as Chuck did. In fact, one other bigger realtor firm in the city told me that our condo would sell for $100 K less than what Chuck helped us sell it for!

From helping us successfully stage our home to coordinating with our schedules for potential buyers to come by, Chuck really accommodated our needs and desires. The photography, publications- everything was professional and timely. Chuck is very savvy about the market and realistic with timeline and expectations we could have. We were very satisfied with our experience with Chuck and would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor.

Mark & Christine – South Loop Condo Sellers

Chuck – Thanks for your help selling the house and helping us find an apartment.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to someone else.  Hopefully we’ll be in contact with you as we look for a new home next summer.

Ryan & Alba – Jefferson Park Home Buyers

My wife and I recently purchased a new home and we couldn’t have gone through the whole process if it wasn’t for the help of Chuck Gullett and his team.

I strongly recommend Best Chicago Properties to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We’ve known Chuck a long time. He helped us find a couple of different rental properties in the past and when we were finally ready to buy, he was there every step of the way.

When I say every step of the way, I mean Every Step. Chuck not only helped us find and secure our perfect home, he also provided great references throughout the buying process. Our lender, attorney, & home inspector were all referred to us by Best Chicago Properties. All of them were great people!

Buying a home is a stressful, complicated, sometimes frustrating process. Chuck minimized all of these issues for us and was there to answer any questions and offer solutions. If you want a team that is thorough, responsive, and supportive – choose Chuck Gullett and Best Chicago Properties!

Amit – Chicago Condo Seller and Chicago Home Buyer

Chuck Gullett worked with my wife & I both on the purchase of our new home and the sale of our condo. Chuck is knowledgeable, professional, willing to go the extra mile, and always available (day or night) to talk or help answer questions. Our search took us to multiple neighborhoods and Chuck was always there to help with questions and ensure that we could get in to see places as soon as possible. This was critical in a hot real estate market, and ultimately was the reason we were able to secure our new home! Chuck always maintained patience, and helped keep us level-headed as well. He has built an impressive network within Chicago as well, and the inspector he recommended was critical to get us comfortable with our new home. Lastly, Chuck uses a lot of modern tools like DocuSign that helped make getting documentation signed easy, safe and efficient. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home!

Al – West Bucktown Home Buyer

My wife and I have been looking for a single-family in Chicago (and possibly the suburbs at the time). Chuck Gullett is amazingly on top of everything. He is very responsive and is a “matter of fact” kind of guy. Chuck is very patient (trust me, he is), and very good at targeting the right home or type of home for you. His knowledge of the Chicago area alone is key, but is also knowledgeable in areas outside of the city as well. He he doesn’t know, he will find someone that will. We will definitely work with Chuck in the future!

Julianne – First-time Chicago Condo Buyer

We had a great experience working with Best Chicago Properties, specifically Chuck Gullett. My husband and I were first-time buyers and Chuck helped make the process so smooth and enjoyable. He is quick to respond, honest, and genuinely cared about what was best for us. He got to know us pretty well, so he was able to authentically help us narrow our search so that we never wasted our time. He was always able to answer all of our questions (and we had A LOT!) with patience and insight. We completely trusted him throughout the whole process. On the day of our closing, it was so comforting to us to have him by our side as we experienced such an exciting moment together. I would recommend Chuck to anyone looking in the Chicago area, as he was so helpful, connected, honest, personable, and incredibly knowledgeable.

Bethany – West Loop Condo Buyer

We just bought our first place in the West Loop and it is all thanks to Chuck Gullett! 

My husband and I have been looking at different properties and neighborhoods on and off with Chuck for about 3 years. This summer we started our search again and just couldn’t seem to find a place we loved. One day Chuck mentioned a beautiful place that was just about to go on the market after a big price drop. 

We went and checked it out that night and completely fell in love. We put in our offer the next day and they accepted. We were in shock!

We could not be happier with our new place and all the hard work Chuck did for us. Not only was he a great realtor but he also recommended an amazing inspector and lawyer to use! 

Chuck always made us feel confident through all the ups and downs of first time home buying and we are so glad that we found him! 

If you are searching for a realtor you need not look any further,  Chuck is awesome!

Ebbin – West Loop Condo Buyer

Chuck is a good guy and will not steer you wrong. Me and my wife have been through it all with agents and companies. It was getting pretty tough to stay where we were, but we were not sure where we wanted to move. We had almost given up our Chicago home search, and decided to call up our apt agent (insert Chuck). Poor guy, he soon learned that he had to turn talk show host to get us to agree on a property. He demystified everything.

We saw over 50 properties in a matter of 6 months. Each time, he let each of us know the salient pros/cons of the property. Chuck even set up showings at a few amazingly unique locations (read…I probably should have known better…memories not forgotten). In the end, we found a great compromise. The unit is not exactly where I wanted, not exactly what my wife wanted, but is exactly what we both needed.

If you want a real estate agent that will help you check off all of the right realistic boxes, Best Chicago Properties is the right place to start. They will stay with you until the end, and help you with all of the ins/outs once you find the right property. We had such a good time learning (stamina and patience) how to buy a home in Chicago, we had to tell the rest of the world. We just might get to tell our story on an HGTV episode near you!

Dean – Chicago Condo Buyer & Seller

Chuck sold me a condo and found me a tenant to rent the condo in 2 weeks at the rent that we agreed to. 2 years later, Chuck sold my condo within 2 weeks at the price we agreed to prior to listing the unit. Chuck Exceeded expectations in every category. Chuck rates a 5 in my book. Chuck Gullett would be the ONLY agent I would work with in Chicago.

Betsy & Will – First-time Home Buyers in Lincoln Park

Dear Chuck, We wanted to sent you a sincere, though over due, thank you for all of your dedication, passion, professionalism and guidance in the process of buying our first home. We absolutely love our home and could not have gotten here without you! Thank you, too, for the special closing gift card – it will be put to great use with some of the house projects we have planned! It was truly a pleasure working with you and getting to know you – we hope to have you over to see our finished projects one day soon! Thank you so much!